Our prices for the season:

Prices for PADI courses:

Professional Association of Diving Instructors

* + Illes Medes taxes per dive

** Includes the book of the speciality and the PADI certification

*** Dives done along the Montgrí coast, not at the Illes Medes 



Every diver must have a special diving medical certificate, signed by a doctor-specialist in hyperbaric medicine (of maximum 2 years old) and a special diving-insurance with cover for third party liability and personal accidents. Don’t forget to bring these papers and your diving card.  

Only qualified divers (minimum 1* or Open Water Diver) are allowed to dive in the natural reserve of the Illes Medes! Open Water divers or 1* divers need to be accompanied by a 3* diver or higher, or by one of our instructors, at a rate of maximum 4 per one. Youngsters under the age of 18 need a written authorization of the parents. 

We reserve ourselves the right to refuse private bottles. 

The taxe of the Illes Medes is applied per diver and per dive in accordance to the law. 

It is necessary to book in advance, because we have a limitated number of places for the reserve. 

It is totally forbidden to feed fishes, to touch or collect animals or plants, alive or dead. Violation will be sanctioned.

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