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    Illes Medes

    The Illes Medes is a small and craggy group of seven islets in the Costa Brava area of the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Administratively, the Medes Archipelago belongs to the Baix Empordà comarca, Catalonia, Spain. The islands are protected as a nature reserve; scubadiving is popular but is thus regulated there and requires permission.


    At the nature reserve we have to follow a few rules of good conduct:

    You can also download some useful information by clicking the following links:

    Salinas is a dive site situated on the Montgrí coast. This place is the perfect dive site for doing try dives and courses. Thanks to a gentle slope of sand, we can teach the students in nice and reassuring conditions. Along the wall, divers can see the flora and the fauna of the Mediterranean, full of Spiny Lobsters, Muray Eels and Octopuses!

    This dive site is situated on the Montgri Coast about 15 minutes away by boat from the harbour. This site is perfect for Try dives and courses. The dive site is a gentle slope of sand and rocks. La Negre del Falaguer is nice for all divers and you could have the chance to see some Moray Eels, Octopuses, or Spiny Lobsters…

    The bay of Pedrosa is located along the Montgri Coast and can be reached by boat in about 20 minutes. This dive is best known for the 60-meter underwater tunnel, with a chimney! The entrance to the tunnel is at a depth of 18 meters and the exit is at 24 to 30 meters. 30m is also the maximum depth of this dive site. In the tunnel you can see small slipper lobsters, colorful sponges, nudibranchs, octopuses and much more!

    To enter the tunnel you must have level 2 or Advanced. Level 1 or OWDs will go around the island, and will have a chance to observe its remarkable landscape.

    We find the “Reggio di Messina”, at 25 minutes by boat from the port of Estartit. This ship was a 115 meter long ferry that also transported the train traffic between Sicily and Italy. In 1991 she was towed from Barcelona to Estartit, where she was eventually sunk on purpose to create an artificial reef.

    The wreck has been damaged by many winter storms. Today, the wreck is broken into 3 pieces (stern, center area and bow). The top of the wreck is at 27 meters deep and descends to 35 meters.

    Only for experienced divers level 2 or Advanced. We only go to the Reggio di Messina if the weather conditions allow it.

    If you want to know more about this wreck: REGGIO MESSINA

    Salpatxot, situated at North of the Medes islands is a dive site that will suit the beginners, but also the more experienced divers. With a maximum depth of 24 meters, Salpatxot allows an easy exploration down the slope diving in-between rocks. The reference point of the dive is the rock called Salpatxot. The area is full of fishes throughout the season. At Salpatxot, you can see groupers, moray eels, and octopuses… During the month of June, you may have the chance to see some moonfish!

    The dive site “Embarcador del Francès” is located on the north coast of Meda Gran, the large island of the archipelago of the Medas Islands. This site is suitable for both beginners and more experienced divers. One can go up to 25 meters deep, but the most interesting area is at 18-20 meters deep. On the rock boulders we find coral, white gorgons, lots of nudibranchs and groupers of course!

    Pedra de Déu is the dive site situated at the North-East of the Meda Gran! Pedra de Déu is known for its vast wall covered with blue and yellow gorgonians starting at 15 meters deep. Experienced or beginner divers, you will discover an exceptional flora and fauna: groupers, white gorgonia, violescent sea-whip, red coral, moray eels…! This dive site abounds with big groupers! The maximum depth is 44 meters, giving the experienced divers the possibility to do a deep dive. In fact, it is one of the deepest sites of the Medes Islands!

    La Pota del Llop is a dive site situated on the East coast of the Meda Gran. The rocky cliff is covered by gorgonians and you can also explore the cave. You can find spiny lobster, lobster or some conger eels. With a maximum depth of 50 meters, La Pota del Llop is a deep site which will suit the experienced divers!

    La Vaca is an underwater tunnel passing through the big island of the “Meda Gran” from North to the South! The tunnel is approximately 30 meters long and 5 meters wide. The entrance of the tunnel on the South side is situated at 12 meters deep. Its significant brightness not only allows divers to see the other side but also to take some amazing underwater pictures! La Vaca is full of groupers, including a big really big one that always hangs around the entrance!

    Carall Bernat is one of the biggest rocks of the Illes Medes! Situated on the South-East of the Medes Islands, this dive site is accessible to every diver. The rock slope is full of blue and yellow Violescent Sea-whip! Also, you will find many Groupers, Moray Eels and Sea Bream! Here you may find some quite strong currents but thanks to that it often attracts eagle Rays, Barracudas and even Tuna fish!

    This dive site is a small rock with a gentle slope. The divers call it the “Aquarium”! Fish is so abundant here. You will discover plenty of species the Medes Islands has to offer! You will see Common Eagle Ray, Groupers, Moray Eels, Octopuses… and so many more! Look carefully for Dotted Sea Slugs and Pink Flabellinas as there are plenty of them.

    Tasco Gros is situated on the South- East of the Illes Medes. The rock is 210 meters in diameter. Different routes are possible to explore this dive site! First you can go around the rock and discover the flora and fauna of the site. Or you can choose to stay on the North side or South side and go deeper. With a maximum depth of 30 meters, this site is accessible for any level of diving! You will see big Groupers, Muray Eels and the highlight… Eagle Rays!

    Situated on the south of the Meda Petita, the Dofí is the most famous diving site of the Medes islands. At this dive site, there are many caves to explore:

    • An air chamber at 10 meters
    • The shorter cave at 12 meters from the South side
    • The longer cave at 18 and 20-meter depth!

    The shorter cave is appreciated by divers because of all the rays of light coming through the different holes of the cave and also for the small dolphin statue at the entrance!

    With a maximum depth of 23 meters, the Dofí cave suits all divers! You can find Groupers, Moray Eels, Red Coral, Spiny Lobster and plenty of other species!

    This dive site is located at the south of Meda Petita, right next to the Dolphin Cave. This dive site is suitable for all levels of divers. With a maximum depth of 20 meters you can observe octopuses, groupers, gorgons … and many other species. Along the wall you will sometimes find large slipper lobsters.

    Ferranelles is a small rock situated on the South of the Medes islands, between Tasco Petit and the Meda Gran! This dive site is a gentle slope that can reach 30 meters depth. This part of the island is extraordinarily full of marine life! Groupers, Muray Eel, Octopuses, Barracudas, Pink Flabellina are the permanent residents of the Ferranelles! It is not uncommon to cross the path of Common Eagle Rays and also of Moon fish. This dive site is easy and is therefore safe for every type of diver.