Emergency First Response course

The Emergency First Response – Primary & Secondary Care course teaches you how to practice CPR and Primary & Secondary Care (Obligatory for Rescue and Divemaster course). This course is for everybody who would like to learn the Primary & Secondary Care, for divers and non-divers!

You will be taught rescue techniques in a recreational environment and how to take the necessary action in case of emergency.

Development of the course:

  • Theory sessions in class 
  • CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) and artificial respiration
  • Prevention and management of shock
  • Primary Care and Secondary Care
  • First aid kit

Duration of the course: 1 day and a half 

Prices : see on our prices page

Price includes:

  • Theory kit with books
  • Theory and practise in class
  • EFR certification
  • Instructor